Therapy and Services

All services are available via telehealth. Services are provided in-person at the Andover location depending on the situation and appropriateness. Contact us further for more information on the services that are provided.

Individual, Couples, and Family Therapy

Each of us go through times of anxiety, sadness, grief and loss, stress, and life transitions. Sometimes it can be managed by oneself. Other times, talking with friends or family members can help. However, there are times in which approaching family and friends about these concerns is not an option. Going through these concerns by yourself or with certain others seems almost impossible, and a sense of being overwhelmed and feeling alone increases.

During these times, meeting with a therapist individually, as a couple, or family can help. Counseling provides a space to discuss the concerns pressing on life. Counseling can give insights and new perspectives into concerns, as well as build abilities and skills to improve ways to manage and cope.

These concerns can be traumatizing and impact life in small and/or big ways. The latest research and understanding of healing from trauma points to somatic processing with the body expressing its experience of trauma. The stressors will continue to present itself through body experiences until the trauma is addressed.

Payment options: Insurance (Aetna, America's PPO, Beacon Health, BCBS, MA, Medica, Optum, PreferredOne, UCare, United Behavioral Health); Out of pocket (HSA, Cash, Check, Credit Card) either full rate or at a discount.

Make sure to contact your insurance to confirm we are/the provider is in-network with your plan if insurance is selected as the payment option.

Providers: Nathaniel Hurse, Thao-Ha Phan, Kurt Sayers

Chemical Health or Substance Use Disorder Assessment / Rule 25 Assessment

Some reasons for a chemical health assessment are concern about own use, upon a request from a concerned loved one, and to complete a legal requirement.

Chemical health assessment is used to obtain substance use history, identify the impacts that are present from the substance use, and inquire further information from a collateral contact (family member or friend). The assessment takes about 1.5 to 2 hours. The information is used to determine if there is a concerns and/or provide recommendations. Know that your chemical health assessment is confidential unless you decide to share the information.

Payment options: Cash, Check, Credit Card

Providers: Nathaniel Hurse, Thao-Ha Phan

NADA Auricular Acupuncture

Auricular or ear acupuncture for addiction is a standardized treatment using the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA) five point protocol in each ear. These points help to detoxify the body, promote relaxation, reduce cravings, and increase confidence. The five point protocol is administered by professionals trained in the NADA protocol. NCWC has used this protocol to promote abstinence and harm reduction, and general well-being for over 20 years. Dr. Harvey is an advocate and trainer of the NADA five point protocol.

The duration is usually a 30- 45-minute session and based on symptoms that are present. This can vary from daily to 2x daily and 3x weekly to once per week.

The auricular acupuncture is an adjunct to therapy. TIP 45 discusses the use of the NADA protocol. It can be used as a stress-reduction technique.

Payment options: During sessions with Nate; Out of pocket (Cash, Check, Credit Card)

Providers: Nathaniel Hurse


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